Project Description


In 1999 a revolution began in South Texas. Lord General Koruptore lead a hard rock rebellion against the repression of free thought and expression. In October 2003 the movement suddenly ended, rumors of exile, conformity and mental institutions were whispered throughout enthusiasts.

In 2015 Lord General Koruptore returned from the depths of hell with a band of demons and a new video for the song “Don’t Go Blame it on Me” which is part of the soundtrack for the STX Media film, “Dreadtime Stories”.



Koruptore will be performing “Ice Princess” and the title track “Deviant Behavior” from the movie soundtrack.  TwitchBlade will be performing “Grindhouse”, “Cold, Dark City”, “Blood on Your Hands” as well as “Riding Shotgun” featuring Jon-Vega on lead vocals from the movie soundtrack.  After soundtrack performances, Koruptore will perform several more songs to close out the night.


DEVIANT BEHAVIOR (title track for the movie Deviant Behavior)

ICE PRINCESS (from the Deviant Behavior movie soundtrack)

DON’T GOT BLAME IT ON ME (from Dreadtime Stories)